Lions and Tigers and Baum, oh my!

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Lyman Frank Baum [1856 – 1919] began his life and journey in Chittenango, New York, just south of Oneida Lake and east of Syracuse. His yellow brick road led him from Central New York to the Dakota Territory, Chicago and, ultimately, California. He enjoyed wealthy times and lived through lean and bankrupt times. Along the way he was a chicken breeder, printer, actor, playwright, shopkeeper, china salesman, journalist, and children’s book writer.

Baum’s life and writings are the subject of the current and exciting Grosvenor Rare Book exhibit The Wonderful Wizardry of Baum. Many are unaware that Baum wrote 13 other Oz books in his lifetime (2 published posthumously) and that he also wrote other books before and while he wrote about Oz. Frank Baum’s Wonderful Wizard of Oz has been dubbed an American Fairytale and his life could be called the same with all of its remarkable highs and lows.

Come see first editions of the “Oz Canon” and some of Baum’s earlier non-Oz writings. Learn about Baum’s incredible life journey and about the illustrators of Oz. See also more recent mechanical and fine press versions of The Wizard of Oz. And walk in front of the life-size Wicked Witch of the West and she has some words for you!

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