Civil War Maps Move to RBR

Map showing the operations of the national forces under the Command of Maj. Gen. W.T. Sherman during the campaign resulting in the capture of Atlanta, Georgia, Sept. 1, 1864

Civil War maps presented to the Young Men’s Association by Major General William Farquhar Barry were recently re-discovered in our stacks and transferred to the Rare Book Room. Thanks to the diligence of our map volunteer, Marie Hanrahan, these five uncataloged maps have been rescued from obscurity.

After serving bravely in several of the War’s campaigns, Barry would become chief of artillery for General William T. Sherman, and later, was chosen to command troops in the Northern frontier during the Fenian raids.

Born in 1818, Barry was married to Katherine McKnight, a member of a prominent Buffalo family. Gen. Barry died on active duty at Fort McHenry, in Baltimore, Maryland, on July 18, 1879, of the ignoble intestinal disorder, “bilious dysentery.”  He is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

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