Grosvenor Library Reading Room once occupied by horses, taxies and skaters

An unlikely building for a library, the Cyclorama was first built as an exhibit space in 1888. Over the years it served as a roller skating rink, horse livery, taxi livery and was annexed by the Grosvenor Library in 1909 to become the reading room pictured at right above. Visible at the far left in the Grosvenor Library exterior photo is a round section indicating a portion of the Cyclorama.

The Grosvenor Library was a free, non-circulating reference library located on the corner of Franklin and Edward Streets. It provided library service until 1963 when its collections merged with the Buffalo Public and Erie County Public Libraries’ to form the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library. The Buffalo & Erie County Public Library is proud to be celebrating 175 years of history including the richness of the Grosvenor Library as the special collections in the Grosvenor Room of the Central Library would not exist had it not been for the Grosvenor Library.The Grosvenor Rare Book Room keeps the library system’s archives in its collection.

Although most of the former Grosvenor Library building pictured above was demolished, the Cyclorama Building still stands and is currently occupied by Ciminelli Construction Company.

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