Another Look Back…1983 and 1984

*This is the second entry in our look back at 175 years of library service in Buffalo and Erie County.  The first, “Children’s Services: A Treasured History,” can be viewed here.

 1983-1984 were pivotal years for the Buffalo and Erie County Public Libraries.  In 1983, circulation was at a 15 year high of 6 million items, and TOLIS, an electronic circulation system, was installed in several  branches.  A facsimile of the library’s treasured Huck Finn manuscript was published,  over $30,000 was raised in one booksale (and that was 25 years ago folks), and outreach and programs continued to connect thousands of residents to services.  But by the following year, funding shortfalls plagued the library system, and Director Paul Rooney courageously fought for funds, staff, and services.  Read more history in Director Rooney’s Annual Report, 1983-1984.

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