New Acquisitions

The Rare Book Room acquires a modest number of items each year.  Here are four of the latest additions to the collection:

The Space In Between · Lara Henderson

The Space In Between is an artist book created by Lara Henderson in 2010. It is a colorful woven book, made of interlocking circles. The text explores the complexity of human dynamics and how it intersects with science. Included in the book are 5 varying paper mechanics, including volvelles, a paper slides and a suspended mirrored object. The imagery, made from monotypes, hand drawing and photographs, has been converted into spot color and printed using offset lithography in the Borowsky Center for Publication Arts by Amanda D’Amico.

The Construction of Roman Letters · Albrecht Dürer

The Roman alphabet constructed by Albrecht Dürer ‘for the guidance of architects, painters and others’ first appeared in Book III of his treatise on geometry, Underweysung der Messung mit dem Zirckel und Richtscheyt, published at Nuremberg in 1525.  It has been re-engraved and reprinted several times with the text in various languages….The letters on the following pages are printed from process blocks made by Emery Walker from a copy of the editio princeps in the British Museum.

Bound for Success · Jeanette Koch

This catalogue illustrates each entry in the prestigious bookbinding competition held by Designer Bookbinders, one of the foremost bookbinding societies in the world. The Designer Bookbinders International Competition is being held at the Bodleian Library, Oxford in 2009.  Published to celebrate the winning entries in the Competition and also to accompany the exhibition held in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, this catalogue illustrates nearly four hundred examples of contemporary binding, featuring a remarkable range of styles, materials, and approaches to the ancient craft of bookbinding.

Mark Twain: A Skeptic’s Progress · Isaac Gewirtz

The Morgan Library and Museum and the New York Public Library…present a major exhibition at the Morgan exploring a central, recurring theme throughout the iconic author’s body of work: his uneasy, often critical, attitude towards a rapidly modernizing America. The exhibition coincides with the 175th anniversary of Twain’s birth in 1835 and includes more than 120 manuscripts and rare books, including original manuscript pages from Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885) and Life on the Mississippi (1883), as well as letters, notebooks, diaries, photographs, and drawings associated with the author’s life and work….Mark Twain: A Skeptic’s Progress captures the essence of the author’s wit, humor, and philosophy towards his era’s great changes in all their guises, with examples of his work as a novelist, short-story writer, fabulist, critic, lecturer, and travel writer.

Text Sources:

  • The Space In Between – quoted from the artist’s online store.  Lara Henderson’s website.
  • The Construction of Roman Letters – extracted from Printer’s Note by Bruce Rogers.
  • Bound for Success – quoted from Bodleian website.
  • Mark Twain – quoted from the Morgan Library website.

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