We’re Cooking with X-rays!

Did you see today’s Google image?  Today is the 115th anniversary of the discovery of x-rays.  The Rare Book Room holds a first edition of Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen’s Eine neue art von strahlen, (On a New Kind of Rays). This important work is part of the Milestones of Science Collection.

Acquired in the late 1930s by the Museum of Science in Buffalo, New York, the Milestones of Science is a collection of first and rare editions by world famous early scientists. Assembled in an incredibly short span of time, the 196 titles of the Milestones of Science Collection were brought together by Chauncey Hamlin of Buffalo’s Museum of Science. Remarkably, Hamlin was assisted with the financial and moral support of several ethnic groups in Buffalo who paid for the acquisition of many of the items written by their fellow countrymen. A comparable collection would be all but impossible to assemble today without vast financial resources and a great deal of time. The books were acquired quite cheaply, as the rare book market had suffered severely during the era of the Depression when the collection was assembled.


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  • Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
  • x-ray of Roentgen’s wife’s hand

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