The Story of the Glittering Plain

Morris, William, 1834-1896. The Story of the Glittering Plain. Which has Been Called the Land of Living Men, or the Acre of the Undying. Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1891. Golden type; white vellum binding. Gift of Julian Park.

The Story of the Glittering Plain (1891) was the first publication issued by the Kelmscott Press.  The Golden Legend (1892), a much larger book, was slated to hold this distinction, but the paper initially supplied by J. Batchelor and Son would have only allowed for two pages to be printed at a time.  The Story of the Glittering Plain is the only title which was published twice by the Kelmscott Press, the second edition (1894) being set in Troy and Chaucer types and bearing 23 wood-engravings by Walter Crane. 

Check out a complete digital copy of the first edition via Morris Online Edition hosted by the University of Iowa Libraries here.  You can see an original when you stop by the new Buffalo & Erie County Public Library exhibit called, The Ideal Book: William Morris and the Kelmscott Press, through January 30, 2011.

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