Gypsy Wagon Bookmobile at Book Arts

Bookartists Peter and Donna Thomas.

Traveling book artists Peter and Donna Thomas have spent the last 4 months traveling across the country teaching bookmaking classes and holding exhibitions.  Next Tuesday, they will be in Buffalo at the WNY Book Arts Center for a free talk.  Afterwards, they will hold a workshop on making “scrolling books,” a technique they invented.

One day I thought to myself, “I love to make books and I love to play the ukulele. Can I put these two loves together? Can I make a book out of a uke?”

Happy Together (2010) Text is the song by the Turtles. A double scrolling structure, with multi-layered color letterpress printing. 2 ¾” x 2 ¾”. 30 copies.

The couple also makes book-themed jewelry. These are hair ornaments.

The Book Arts Center is located at the corner of Mohawk and Washington, 1 block north of the Central Library.  The talk is free, and the workshop is $40.

Source:  Images and caption text from Peter and Donna Thomas’ blog: Adventures of the Wandering Book Artists.

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