How hot is it?

Among the local interest holdings in the Rare Book Room are a 10-volume set of Meteorological Observations at Buffalo for the years 1811-1832, 1851-1854 and 1858-1903.  Statistics for the years 1851-1854 were compiled by Albert Hosmer at Fort Porter.  However, the bulk was primarily collected by Buffalo Public librarian William Ives.  The first volume, covering years 1811-1832 was assembled from data published in Buffalo newspapers; the others were compiled through direct observation of the weather.  This manuscript collection was donated to the Buffalo Public Library by Ives in 1886.

Yesterday, the high temperature at the Buffalo airport was a steamy 92 degrees, with a low of 71.  What was the weather like on this day 150 years ago?  Below are the entries for the first week of July, 1860:

William Ives served the library for more than 50 years, beginning his career in 1852 with the Young Men’s Association, a precursor to the Buffalo Public Library.  Not only was a jubilee held in his honor (in April, 1902), but the first city branch was named for Mr. Ives.  The Ives branch opened in August, 1901 at 746 Broadway.  It would later move to the Dom Polski building at 1079 Broadway.

Ives retired from the library in 1904 at age 88.  He died in Buffalo August 21, 1916 at 99 years and 6 months.

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